A Performance Driven Culture is Enabled, Keep Track and optimize the contribution of your workforce to shared Goals.

All New Employee Appraisal Solution

Make your employee performance evaluations simple and meaningful with our employee appraisal module..

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Enhance Employee Performance

Our dedication is in catering to the requirements of diverse organizations and their workforce. As a result, we provide employee performance evaluation solutions to businesses in a range of industries and regions.

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PMIS Dashboards

PMIS offers real-time monitoring of organizational performance. The platform facilitates employees to continuously self-evaluate their performance base on automated reports that are accessible in real-time.

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Set strategic Goals 

Organizational performance is derived from the strategic goals that are defined before the financial year starts. Every organization typically defines a range of 3 major strategic goals that are to be accomplished in a year.

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Benefits of our appraisal software

Extremely easy to use

With a few clicks you can easily perform an evaluation.

Multiple forms and ready-to-use templates

Make use of our multiple configurable survey forms.

Timely insights and real-time analytics

Use actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Seamless integration

Easy to integrate with your HR management .

Completely secure

All your data remains safe from data breaches.

24×7 Support

We are always available to support you.

Empowering Growth: Unveiling the Essence of Employee Excellence in Every Field of the Performance Evaluation Form.

Performance Unveiled: Delving into the Details of Professional Excellence Through our insightful and Comprehensive Evaluation Forms.

Dive into the thriving ecosystem of employee performance with Odoo's Tree View, showcasing a myriad of insightful branches—each representing a unique appraisal survey..

Streamline Performance Management and Foster a Culture of Excellence

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